Knowledge comes from entertainment

The evolving technology has opened up new methods of learning, one of which is learning through videos. A video not just involves designing, but also a fine-tune between the inputs from the SMEs and presentation of the video makers. Our Instructional designers curate the flow and structure to ensure accuracy and cohesion of the content, while our video makers focus on the design and presentation part. Our aim is to instill information in the long-term memory of the audience without losing their interest even for a second. 

2D 3D videos

Accurate, reliable, and interesting information

These videos are used by schools, hospitals, corporates, and the likes to address global issues in every patch of our society. We make 2D and 3D storyboards, 2D and 3D cartoon videos, informative videos, explainer videos, kinetic typography videos, and 3D modeling and visualization.

Animated videos

Matching your identity

Animated videos are fast gaining popularity in the media field. They are the most preferred method for product demonstration, concept explainers, and infographics. Our experts curate all sorts of animated videos, including whiteboard animation, corporate training videos, and 2D animation.

Image processing

Refining vision

QA provides a comprehensive image processing service so as to optimize your images to meet the acceptable quality standards and better promote your product offering in catalogs. Our offerings include image scanning, image enhancements, conversions, restorations, and mosaicking

Typography video

Texts in motion

Typography videos or motion graphics components give an enhanced outlook to your information. While surfing the internet, people prefer a visual experience rather than reading elongated texts. Our offerings include Dynamic typography, temporal typography, fluid typography, and scrolling typography.

PPT animation

Visually compelling structured information

We understand our audience’s mindset, and unfold amazing presentations that deliver your brand’s story. Our experts adapt a cohesive and design-oriented approach to curate custom-tailored presentations. We offer textual PPT animation, motivational PPT animation, educational PPT animation, and the likes.