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PDF Remediation & PDF Accessibility Services

Ensure your documents are fully accessible to all by outsourcing PDF accessibility and PDF remediation to us! Comprehensive PDF Accessibility Services

Our Range of Document Accessibility Services

At QA Solvers, we’re committed to ensuring digital inclusivity through our comprehensive Document Accessibility Services:

Choosing QA Solvers as your PDF Accessibility Service Provider or for any other document accessibility needs means partnering with an expert team dedicated to making your digital content universally accessible. 

By outsourcing PDF remediation and other document accessibility services to us, you’re ensuring that your digital documents are inclusive, compliant, and accessible to all audiences.

PDF Accessibility Services

Our PDF accessibility services focus on transforming your PDFs into fully accessible documents. From checking PDF accessibility to implementing W3C-approved techniques, we ensure your PDFs are usable by everyone, including users with disabilities. We specialize in creating accessible PDF documents, adhering to strict standards such as WCAG, ADA, AODA.

Word Documents Accessibility Services

Our Word Document Accessibility Services ensure that your Word files are not just readable but fully accessible. We apply best practices in document structure, use of headings, alt texts for images, and proper table descriptions, making your Word documents fully navigable and understandable.

PowerPoint Accessibility Services

We enhance the accessibility of your PowerPoint presentations, ensuring that they are structured and designed in a way that is accessible to all users. This includes adding slide descriptions, using high-contrast colors, and ensuring that all visual content is accompanied by descriptive alt texts.

Excel Accessibility Services

Our services extend to making Excel files accessible by ensuring proper table structures, header information, and cell labeling, making data comprehensible for screen reader users.

Digital Forms Accessibility Services

We redesign digital forms to be fully accessible, ensuring that form fields are properly labeled, instructions are clear, and the forms can be navigated and filled out using assistive technologies.

Ebook Accessibility Services

Our Ebook Accessibility services focus on converting traditional ebooks into formats that are accessible to users with various disabilities, incorporating features like alt text for images and proper navigation structures.

Document Compliance Checks (WCAG, ADA, AODA) Services

We conduct thorough compliance checks on all your documents against recognized standards such as WCAG and ADA, ensuring your content meets legal and ethical accessibility requirements.

Accessible Template Design Services

To ensure sustainability in accessibility, we design accessible templates for various document types, enabling your team to create accessible content from the outset.

Why is QA Solvers a Leading Document Accessibility Service Provider?

Comprehensive Accessibility Solutions

Our range of services, from PDF accessibility services to Excel Accessibility Services, ensures every aspect of your document accessibility needs is covered. Whether it's creating accessible PDF documents or ensuring the accessibility of Excel files, we have the expertise and tools to make your content universally accessible.

Expertise in PDF Accessibility

We excel in PDF accessibility testing and remediation, employing best practices for creating accessible PDF files and ensuring they meet W3C PDF accessibility standards. Our ability to work with various formats, including InDesign accessible PDFs, sets us apart.

Advanced Testing and Remediation Techniques

Our team uses the latest techniques for accessibility testing PDF documents and other formats, ensuring that your files not only comply with accessibility standards but also provide an optimal user experience.

Customized Accessibility Strategies

Recognizing the unique needs of each document, we tailor our approach, whether it's checking PDF accessibility or designing accessible templates for Word documents, ensuring bespoke solutions for your content.

Streamlining Outsourced Processes

 By choosing to outsource PDF accessibility or remediation requirements to us, you gain access to specialized skills and technologies, freeing up your resources while ensuring top-notch accessibility compliance.

Dedication to Compliance and Quality

As a dedicated PDF Accessibility Service Provider, we ensure that all your documents, from PDFs to Word files, comply with key regulations like WCAG and ADA, mitigating legal risks and enhancing content usability.

End-to-End Service Offering

 From the initial accessibility audit to the final compliance check, our services encompass every step of the document accessibility process, providing you with a one-stop solution for all your accessibility needs.


Common FAQs

Navigating Your Legal Journey – Answers to Your Common Questions

What makes your PDF accessibility services stand out from other agencies?

Our PDF accessibility services stand out due to our comprehensive approach, which includes detailed PDF accessibility testing, creating accessible PDF documents from various source formats like Word and InDesign, and ensuring compliance with W3C PDF accessibility guidelines. As a dedicated PDF accessibility service provider, we are committed to delivering high-quality, fully accessible PDF files that meet the specific needs of our clients.

Can you help with checking PDF accessibility for existing documents and provide remediation services?

Absolutely. Our services include checking PDF accessibility for existing documents to identify any accessibility issues. We then provide PDF remediation services to address these issues, ensuring that your PDFs are fully accessible and compliant with accessibility standards. By choosing to outsource PDF accessibility to our agency, you can ensure your documents are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

How do you ensure the accessibility of PDFs created from InDesign?

We specialize in creating accessible PDF documents from InDesign by implementing best practices for accessibility during the design phase. This includes proper structuring, tagging, and ensuring all content is accessible. Our InDesign accessible PDF services ensure that documents not only look great but are also fully accessible, adhering to established accessibility standards.

What additional document accessibility services do you offer besides PDF remediation?

 In addition to PDF remediation, we offer a range of document accessibility services, including Word Document Accessibility Services, Excel Accessibility Services, and more. Our comprehensive Documents Accessibility Services ensure that all your digital content, regardless of format, is accessible and compliant with accessibility standards.

Why should businesses consider outsourcing their PDF accessibility needs to your agency?

Outsourcing your PDF accessibility needs to our agency ensures that you have access to specialized expertise in the field of digital accessibility. We provide end-to-end solutions, from accessibility testing to remediation, for various document types. Our focus on quality, compliance, and client satisfaction makes us a preferred vendor for businesses looking to enhance the accessibility of their digital content efficiently and effectively.