Accessibility services

Access to ability

It is mandatory that your product complies with the ADA and other standards, besides being inclusive and accessible to the differently abled. Our accessibility consultants have long and proven experience, and provide the best accessibility services tailored to your business requirements, and tested with several automated tools. Our content is curated by effective analysis, several levels of quality checks, and error finding. We understand the importance of deadlines, so our experts work around the clock in multiple shifts to honor your tight deadlines.


Audio becomes your vision

Alt texts are the detailed descriptions of the illustrations that are read aloud on a screen reader. Our experts write precise, yet detailed descriptions so as to maximize accessibility. We strictly adhere to our client’s guidelines and always meet the deadlines. Let’s help you capture a wider audience.

Explainer videos

A fantastic asset for your business

Effectiveness of an explainer video depends on its accuracy and presentation. Our subject matter experts ensure accuracy of the content and our experienced video makers curate the best design for your explainer videos. We provide Live action explainers, Live stream on social media, Whiteboard, and Animated explainers

Book digitization services

Digitizing every paperback

To keep pace with the advancements in technology, every organization is digitizing its paperback to allow easy downloading and accessibility of the documents. The document formatting and high resolution illustrations are the differentiating factors in digital publishing. Let our e-publishers digitize your content immaculately.

E-book scanning services

Accuracy with high-quality scanning

Hardcover books have their own charm, but a softcopy opens up a plethora of functionalities that make the book more interesting. Our experts convert the books in a softcopy within hours. We ensure that the chapters are accurately bookmarked and the text is copyable, besides guaranteeing a flawless output.