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Expert Labor Law Services

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Our Range of Labor Law Services

As a professional labor law services agency, we offer a wide range of services designed to ensure businesses comply with complex labor laws and regulations. Here’s how we assist with each aspect:

We cater to a range of labor law services, whether you need an ESIC services agency or an EPF services agency for comprehensive labor law advisory, we are there to assist you ensuring that all aspects of labor law compliances are seamlessly managed, we also cater to PF and ESIC registration to adherence to employment laws and regulations.

EPF & MP Act Services

Our EPF services ensure compliance with the Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act (EPF & MP Act), facilitating the setup and management of provident fund (PF) contributions for employees. As EPF consultants, we guide businesses through EPF registration, monthly filings, and employee grievances related to their PF accounts.

Employee State Insurance Act Compliance Services

Under the Employee State Insurance Act, we offer ESIC services to ensure businesses provide their employees with appropriate insurance cover. Our ESIC services agency helps with ESIC online registration, contribution calculations, and compliance filings, ensuring workers are adequately insured against sickness, disability, and death due to employment injury. As ESIC consultants, we provide specialized ESIC services, guiding businesses through the registration process, contribution calculations, and compliance with the Employee State Insurance Act, ensuring social security for employees.

Factories Act 1948 Advisory Services

Compliance with the Factories Act 1948 is crucial for businesses involved in manufacturing. Our labor law services include advising on safety, health, and welfare measures as prescribed under the Act, assisting with the registration and renewal of licenses, and ensuring workplace safety standards are met.

Labor Welfare Fund Compliance Services

We assist businesses in contributing to the Labor Welfare Fund, ensuring welfare schemes for workers are adequately funded. Our services include calculating contributions, filing necessary documentation, and advising on state-specific labor welfare fund requirements.

Minimum Wages Act Compliance Services

Ensuring compliance with the Minimum Wages Act is essential for fair labor practices. Our labor law advisor services help businesses stay updated on minimum wage rates across different sectors and regions, implementing wage structures that comply with statutory minimums.

Bonus Act Advisory Services

Our services extend to compliance with the Payment of Bonus Act, advising businesses on the calculation and distribution of statutory bonuses to eligible employees, ensuring transparency and fairness in bonus payments for the employees.

Contract Labor Act Compliance Services

For businesses employing contract labor, compliance with the Contract Labor (Regulation and Abolition) Act is vital. We offer comprehensive services, from obtaining necessary registrations to ensuring contractor compliance with labor law provisions.

Payment of Gratuity Act Advisory Services

We guide businesses through the intricacies of the Payment of Gratuity Act, helping calculate and process gratuity payments for eligible employees, ensuring a smooth exit process and helping ease the company’s operations with regards to the exit of employees.

Why QA Solvers’ Labor Law Services?

Expertise in EPF Compliance

Our in-depth understanding of the EPF Act and extensive experience in handling EPF services make us the go-to experts for all matters related to the Employees' Provident Fund. We guide businesses through the process to register PF accounts, ensuring both employer and employee contributions are managed accurately and efficiently.

Seamless PF Fund Management

Managing a PF fund requires meticulous attention to detail and an understanding of regulatory requirements. Our services include comprehensive management of your PF fund, from initial setup and employee registration to monthly contributions and withdrawal processes, ensuring compliance with EPF India regulations.

Comprehensive ESIC Consultancy

Our expertise extends to the Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) services, providing businesses with comprehensive guidance on ESIC online registration, contribution calculations, and compliance management. Our role as ESIC consultants ensures your business and employees benefit from the social security schemes under the ESIC Act, covering medical, disability, and maternity benefits.

Assistance with EPF Registration and Filings

For businesses looking to apply for EPF, our agency provides end-to-end assistance, ensuring that the registration process is seamless and compliant with the latest EPF Act provisions. We handle all documentation and filings, making the process hassle-free for you.

Tailored Solutions for Labor Welfare Compliance

We recognize the importance of labor welfare and ensure that businesses comply with the Labor Welfare Fund and other welfare-oriented regulations. Our customized approach addresses the specific needs of your workforce, enhancing employee satisfaction and retention while ensuring legal compliance.

Proactive POSH Act Compliance and Training

In light of the critical importance of maintaining a safe and respectful workplace, our services include POSH compliance assistance, from establishing internal complaint committees to conducting sensitization and awareness programs. We help businesses foster an inclusive environment, free from harassment, in adherence to the POSH Act requirements.


Common FAQs

Navigating Your Legal Journey – Answers to Your Common Questions

What is EPF, and how can your agency assist with its management?

The Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) is a retirement benefits scheme for employees in India, where both employees and employers contribute a portion of the salary. Our agency assists with EPF services, including registration, monthly contribution management, compliance, and resolving any EPF-related queries. We ensure that your business adheres to the EPF Act and manages the PF fund effectively for the benefit of your employees.

How does your agency handle ESIC registrations and compliance?

As ESIC consultants, we specialize in navigating the Employee State Insurance Act, providing comprehensive ESIC services from online registration to contribution calculations and compliance filings. We ensure your employees are covered under ESIC for medical, disability, and maternity benefits, enhancing their social security.

What support do you offer for compliance with the Factories Act 1948?

Our labor law services include advisory and compliance support for the Factories Act 1948, focusing on workplace safety, health, and welfare of workers. We assist with registrations, renewals, and ensuring that your manufacturing operations adhere to the safety standards and regulations prescribed under the Act.

Can you assist with setting up internal committees for POSH compliance?

Absolutely. We provide end-to-end POSH compliance services, including setting up internal complaint committees, conducting awareness and training sessions, and ensuring adherence to the POSH Act's requirements. Our aim is to help businesses create a safe and respectful work environment for all employees.

What services do you offer for managing professional tax obligations?

Our professional tax services include assistance with professional tax registration, enrollment, and compliance for companies, including private limited companies. We ensure accurate calculation and timely payment of professional taxes for your business and employees, in line with state-specific regulations.