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Affordable Video Accessibility Services

Avail affordable Video Accessibility Services to enhance inclusivity. Outsource for expert captioning, audio descriptions, and full accessibility compliance.

Our Range of Video Accessibility Services

As a leading video accessibility service provider, we’re dedicated to ensuring that your video content isn’t just engaging, but also fully accessible to all audiences, aligning with key WCAG video requirements and accessibility standards:

By choosing QA Solvers as your video accessibility service provider, you’re not only ensuring that your video content meets WCAG video accessibility and other relevant standards, but also committing to a more inclusive digital world. 

Outsource your video accessibility requirements to us, and let our expertise as a leading video accessibility vendor transform your video content into a universally accessible resource.

Captioning Services

Our captioning services are designed to meet and exceed video accessibility requirements, providing clear, accurate, and synchronized text descriptions of the audio content in your videos, making them accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers.

Audio Descriptions

We add descriptive narration in videos to describe significant visual details, enhancing the viewing experience for blind or visually impaired audiences, in compliance with WCAG video guidelines for audio descriptions.

Sign Language Interpretation

Recognizing the diverse needs of your audience, we include sign language interpretation in videos, ensuring accessibility for users who depend on sign language, thus broadening your content’s reach and inclusivity.

Accessible Video Player Features

Our services extend to the implementation of accessible video player features, such as keyboard navigation, voice commands, and screen reader compatibility, ensuring that all users can easily control video playback, in line with WCAG video accessibility standards.

Customizable Text and Background Colors for Captions

To further enhance video accessibility, we offer customizable options for caption text and background colors, allowing users to adjust these settings for optimal readability, thereby adhering to accessibility standards for video content.

Why QA Solvers’ as Your Video Accessibility Service Provider?

Flexible Caption Customization

We provide customizable text and background colors for captions, adhering to accessibility standards for video while accommodating user preferences for optimal viewing

Reliable Outsourcing Partner

By choosing to outsource video accessibility to QA Solvers, you gain a dedicated video accessibility service provider committed to delivering high-quality, compliant video content.

Customized Accessibility Solutions

Whether it's captioning services, audio descriptions, or sign language interpretation, we offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your video content, ensuring it's accessible to viewers with various disabilities.

Expertise in WCAG Video Accessibility

We specialize in aligning video content with WCAG video requirements, ensuring that your videos meet global accessibility standards and best practices.

In-depth Knowledge of Video Accessibility

Our team is deeply versed in video accessibility requirements and WCAG video guidelines, ensuring your content is fully compliant and accessible to all audiences.

Innovative Accessible Video Player Features

Our services extend to integrating accessible video player features, enhancing user experience for individuals relying on assistive technologies and fulfilling video accessibility standards.


Common FAQs

Navigating Your Legal Journey – Answers to Your Common Questions

What services does your agency offer to ensure video accessibility in compliance with WCAG video requirements?

Our agency specializes in providing comprehensive video accessibility services that adhere to WCAG video guidelines and requirements. This includes creating captions, audio descriptions, and transcripts to make video content fully accessible. As a dedicated video accessibility service provider, we ensure that your video content meets all necessary accessibility standards for video, enhancing usability for all audiences.

How do you address the specific accessibility standards for video content?

We address accessibility standards for video by closely following the WCAG video accessibility guidelines, which outline the key requirements for making video content accessible. This includes ensuring that videos have accurate captions for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, audio descriptions for the visually impaired, and accessible media players. As a vendor focused on accessible video content, we implement these features to ensure your videos can be accessed and understood by everyone.

Can I outsource video accessibility needs for large-scale projects to your agency?

Absolutely. You can outsource video accessibility needs for projects of any scale to our agency. We have the capacity and expertise to handle large volumes of video content, ensuring each piece meets the required video accessibility guidelines. Our services are designed to provide scalable solutions, making us a preferred vendor for clients with extensive video accessibility requirements.

What makes your agency stand out in the market as one of the best video accessibility vendors?

Our agency stands out as one of the best video accessibility vendors due to our deep expertise in the field, our commitment to quality, and our comprehensive approach to accessibility. We stay up-to-date with the latest WCAG video requirements and accessibility best practices, ensuring our clients receive the most current and effective video accessibility solutions. Our personalized service and attention to detail make us a trusted service provider in the video accessibility domain.

How does investing in accessible video content benefit my organization?

 Investing in accessible video content benefits your organization by broadening your audience reach, ensuring compliance with legal and accessibility standards, and enhancing your brand's reputation for inclusivity. By partnering with a video accessibility service provider like us, you not only make your content accessible to individuals with disabilities but also improve the overall user experience, reflecting positively on your commitment to accessibility and diversity.