Breaking semantic barriers

At QA, localization is considered a process where your digital content is not only translated to a specific regional language, but it is made a natural fit to the native speakers. We have highly trained and certified language professionals; this enables us to avoid contextual error and provide exceptional output. We are the best translation company for your apps, websites, study material, and other digital platforms. To clearly resonate your highly emotive content across locales, know more about our localization services.


Resonating locales

Our translation services include e-learning content translation, commercial translation, subtitle translation, video translation, audio translation, legal translation, medical translation, website translation, application translation. The final output undergoes a rigorous quality check to ensure a flawless output.


Reliable, professional, and accurate

Transcription has its essence in every industry, as it facilitates documentation and understanding. Many companies rely on software for transcription, but they are highly prone to errors and can ruin the entire project. We employ a highly professional transcriptionist team to ensure flawless output in bulk quantity. We provide academic transcription, fictional transcription, phonetic transcription, and verbatim transcription.


Where vision becomes sound

Subtitles have helped people to transcend language barriers. We can caption your video and prepare the subtitles in 100+ languages. Our subtitlers hold years of experience in the industry. Unlike software, they ensure correct spelling and name of places. Our prices are highly competitive and we can work under tight deadlines. You get huge discounts if pre written scripts are made available to us.

Closed captioning

Precise yet detailed

Close captions increase the accessibility of a video. Our experts assume that the audience cannot hear the audio, so a precise description of the video provides an edge to our output. A good close captioning can increase the reach and audience of the videos.  Get your captioning for real-time and pre-recorded videos.

Voice over

Ensuring ideal pace, pitch, and tone

A voice befitting the content creates a huge impact on the viewers. We ensure that our well-trained multilingual voice actors get the tone right and portray even emotions through their voice.  We deliver voiceovers in more than 100+ languages, and hand-pick the suitable talent, as per the demand of content. 


Replica of sound and emotions

Viewers prefer watching a video in their native language. Dubbing services help the businesses to capture the global market and to break the language barrier. Our dubbing artists have immense experience in the field and they accurately convey the emotions. We not only translate the content, but also factor in the context, accent, and pace.